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October 25, 2013
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[ C.E WIP ] Elementary AU SanSan design by AskAPHSanMarino [ C.E WIP ] Elementary AU SanSan design by AskAPHSanMarino
OOC: I'm finally done OTL It was just me procastinating and stuff that it took so long pfttt---


Here's the design for the contest of this awesome AU :iconaph-elementary:
I'll upload the finished version on my main account :iconcookiekrio:~cookiekrio alongside with the strip with Maricela!

Here comes her bio!!!


Country -- Republic of San Marino
.:: SAN MARINO ::.

SUBJECT -- Mathematics
Extra Subject --Theater

:bulletblue: NAME -- Sofia Marinus

Nicknames -- San-San, Soph Sofia-onee-chan--

Age -- older than most-- :iconsrapplz:

Gender -- FEMALE

Personality -- 

Sofia is a pleasant, kind, polite, calm-headed and old-fashioned girl who enjoys her own wealth. She's a great person to talk to if you have something that bothers you in your mind, because asides from being really welcoming, she's able to keep secrets and is very kind and patient. She is by no mean shy, introverted and reserved, in fact, she loves all social activities and making friends. She takes up the role of the 'Team-Mom' everywhere she goes. Sofia is a challenge-loving person, always thinking logically and try to find the best way to do things as efficiently and effectively as possible. She's also quite an adventurous girl.

She is very brave and fierce, not afraid to stand up to the person who's doing the wrong thing and won't sit still if someone's insulting her or any of her friends, often try to talk sense into them first before bringing out her violent side.

She gets insecure about her height and cares a lot about her people, she tries her best to create bonds with as other students.  

Sofia is also a mysterious girl, her past and her character is hard to understand and is quite uncertain at times. She can be happy and cheerful in front of people, but if someone caught her being alone, they can see a sombre person instead of the optimistic girl.

Likes/Dislikes -- 

+ She likes challenges, one of the reason why she is in the Mathematics.
+ Cooking ( she really likes helping the Cafeteria members as much as she can when she's not busy with Mathematics )
+ Music, including: singing, playing instruments, the reason why she's in Theater.
+ Dresses, lots of them.
+ Gardening. 
+ Hello Kitty :iconmingplz: ( can't forget that :XD: )
+ Festivities.
+ Actions ( including sports and adventurous activities )

- People mentioning her short height :iconscreaminplz:
- Conflicts
- Being bored
- When someone tugs her curl :iconpapmingplz:
- People who takes advantage of her, rude people, etc... BAD PEOPLE BASICALLY :iconlazypoolplz:

Strengths/Weaknesses (including Talents & Flaws) -- 

+ Sofia is a very quick-minded, logical girl, always thinking based on the situation and its outcome rather than acting on impulse and feelings, this leads to her being very calm and it's quite hard to bring out a reaction from her if you're trying to piss her off.
+ Despite her short height, she's a girl with high endurance and is very fit, so if you ask her to, like, climb a tall tree to get something or run an errand from a place quite a distance away she would do it and wouldn't get tired much. 
+ She seems to have Lady Luck on her side because this girl is incredibly lucky-- :iconmingplz: for some reason that even she can't help but question it herself.
+ She has a beautiful singing voice and a talent with musical instruments, a very fast learner when it comes to music.
+ She's very charming and is able to win the affection of the opposite person quickly.
+ She knows how to use a gun //shot

- She's very forgetful; if it's something major, she can remember it ( mostly due to pressure that she has to ), but if it's something like a small reminder of something she has to do, she would probably forget about after a day.
- She becomes clumsy at those rare moments when she panicks.
- Her kindness can become one of her weaknesses; she gives more than takes that sometimes it affects her.
- Despite being very logical, she can't come up with any coherent responses when she gets flustered.
- She can't fight barefist with another person for all that matters, despite knowing how to use weapons and having high endurance. 

:bulletblue: RELATIONS -- 

『 Roderich (Austria) -- She is quite close to Roderich, being in the same subjects together, they are not best of friends, but they are good friends nonetheless. When they were younger and she was quite the tomboy, they used to argue a lot, with lots of insults thrown back and forth, they used to have nearly beat the sh8t out of each other if not for the intervention of Francis (France). Despite this, she knows him quite well, she becomes very snarky and teasing when it comes to him, but it's almost always harmless and light-hearted.

『 Erica (Liechtenstein) // Monique (Monaco -- They are very close, doing a lot of activities together and understand each other very much (aka shortie buddies). They silently becomes a group alongside with other students (other microstates). They talks about their brothers to each other too. :iconmingplz:
『 Luca (Luxembourg OC) // Lars (Netherlands) -- She admires Luca, as her subject leader and as another student with a briliant mind and Lars for his "physical structures" - him being tall and all. Lars once scared her with his intimidating looks, but after she learns about his sweeter side, they became garderning buddies. They often get together to discuss problems in their subject.

『 Lucio (Macau) // Dae Hyun (North Korea OC)  -- She respects Lucio as much as he respects her, they come together for tea and to discuss problems when it comes to their subjects. She doesn't really see him much outside their subject group. She finds his intelligence and calming air to be a very comforting thing when she's around him. He's very patient to her and helps her with stuff that her height does not permit her to do, something that she seeks in a friend. As for Dae Hyun, they don't really talk to each other much outside of their subject. To her, he is rather mysterious and closed-off, she really wanted to break the ice some day, but who is she to judge, really?

『 Arthur (England) -- They bicker quite a lot these two. They used to even fight in the past and was in a pretty bad relationship with each other. But they're okay now, although, whenever they talk to each other it's like a cold war between them is happening silently.

 Francis (France) -- Their relationship is on very good terms, they help out each other a lot, Francis and her stands up for each other when the other is in trouble. She really likes to be around him and tends to go to the Cafeteria section when she's free to watch him cook and talk to him. They tends to be all fancy and make music together. She admires him a lot.

 Maricela (Philippines OC) -- They interacts quite often due to Maricela being in the Reception group. ( to be added more once I'm done with the strip Ò w Ó ~~ fufufu~ )

 Yong Soo (South Korea) -- She admires and envies Yong Soo's optimism and free-spirited-ness, wishing she could be the same. She finds that he's extremely talented in acting. Due to her being older, Yong Soo talks to her politely. Sometimes she doesn't understand why he's not in a subject that could compliment his brilliant intelligence.

『 Joao (male Portugal) // Vasilica (Romania) -- Sofia is in good terms with Joao, he's somehow like family to her, but they don't really talk much outside of their subject. She really loves Vasilica's ability to tell good stories and fairy tales and somehow is drawn to his eccentric personality. Although got really amused when he showed his romantic side as he talks about princesses and such or when he tells really disturbing ghost stories. 

『 Alfred (America) -- Of all members of the Reception group who all the students interact quite often, she's closest to Alfred. They get along excellently, being able to understand each other's ideals and interests. She's like an older sister to him.

Ships -- 

Two shippings I like best with Sansan is France x San Marino and Liechtenstein x San Marino :iconscreaminplz: tOTALLY UP TO YOU THOUGH MEL CUZ THIS IS YOUR BRILLIANT AU DOUJINSHI <3

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